DSNY Data Live Stream

*Note there are no data entries for the months of Nov and December.

The above chart shows each of New York City's 59 community districts and the amount of waste they produce each month. The dataset is relatively new and has only been published monthly since the start of 2014. The dataset also includes numbers from October 2013 but lacks data from November and December of the same year(hence the stagnant line). The chart above is currently using the NYC Open Data API to pull in the data, thus making it a real time chart.

In NYC there are 59 community districts. In this chart, they are displayed as a three digit number. The first digit refers to the borough organized in alphabetical order(ie 4** Queens, 5** Staten Island). The following two digits are the specific district within the borough. This method follows standard city procedure.

Though the chart only shows five months of tonnage data, there are several interesting points to note. On first glance, it is clear their is a significant drop in the amount of waste collected in the month of February. This may relate the the intense winter in New York in which the DSNY is responsible for plowing streets.