DSNY Disposal Network

*Note there are no data entries for the months of Nov and December.

The above chart plots the New York City sanitation disposal network and the monthly total amount of waste each location received. All of this data is taken from the NYC Open Data web page. According to the dataset, there are a total of 16 locations that handle New York City waste. Each of these 16 locations process waste from various community districts. By using tonnage data by district and the disposal network data, I was able to put together the above chart demonstrating how much waste each location receives.

It is clear to see through examining the chart that only a handful of sites process the majority of the city's waste. The chart also shows each facility has tremendous monthly variation in how much waste is processed. For example, in January 2015 the 183 Raymond Blvd Newark, NJ address received approximately 12,000 tons of waste while the following month it received over 50,000 tons.